What to expect from your SEO company


5 Things To Expect From Your SEO Company

There are hundreds of resources out there listing what to look for in a Canadian SEO company. Everyone has a different take on what to look for in an SEO provider. Rather than focusing on specific services or how to select an SEO agency for your needs, we have decided to focus on what the experience of working with an SEO provider should be like.

We have broken down the typical SEO campaign into 5 stages, or phases, which most professional SEO agencies subscribe to. This takes a client all the way from the Introduction Phase (learning the SEO Agency exists) to the Reporting Phase (the last report submitted by the company as per the agreed contract).

Introduction and Audit Phase – About 1 week

The Introduction and Audit Phase of an SEO campaign consists of the time between when you make first contact with the company and when they submit the findings of their website investigation (audit) to you. This process typically takes a couple of days and should include the following:

Company and customer discuss scope of work
Company provides customer with case studies/references
Customer provides company with relevant information for website audit
Company assesses website’s ranking potential
Company reports findings and strategy to customer
If customer is happy, contract should be signed

When this process is complete, you should have an understanding of what the company found with regard to your website, what problems you are facing and what they plan to do about it. You should have a strategy brief in your possession and a written contract of all work the agency will be performing for you.

Baselines and Analytics Phase – About 1 week

The Baselines and Analytics Phase is the process of beginning work on your website by establishing and recording how it is performing. This information will be used later to compare to the results after the agency completes their work. This is where you establish your KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) to properly determine what your goals will be at the end of the campaign.

This phase should contain the following work:

Begin tracking website metrics
Establish current website metrics for month-by-month basis
Determine baselines to be compared against future reports
Create goals to be achieved by end of contract period

At the end of this phase, you should have a complete summary of your website’s metrics and the strategy your SEO agency plans to use to achieve your goals.

Website Alteration and Optimization Phase – About 2 weeks

The Website Alteration and Optimization Phase is reserved for making changes to the website itself, whether this comes in the form of architecture (adding new pages) or content production (more blog posts, for example). In some cases, pages can become disconnected from the website itself, creating errors that must be fixed to maximize your ranking potential. This phase is meant to correct such errors, which would have been uncovered during the Introduction and Audit Phase.

By the end of this phase, your website should:

Be free of any significant webpage errors
Be healthy and optimized for ranking on Google
Have targeted keywords designed to bring in targeted traffic on each page
Be optimized for conversion to maximize your lead generation
With these steps completed, your website is ready to rank. The next step is to optimze the off-site profile of your website to generate trust and authority for it in the eyes of search engines.

Link-Building and Brand Awareness Phase – 3 to 4 months

This phase is primarily centered around the building of keyword rankings for your website. As your website ranks for certain keywords, more people will be able to find you through search engines, which translates to more visitors, leads and sales. Every business is different when it comes to this phase, so it typically requires a very personalized, unique approach to ensure your website is benefiting as much as possible from all work being conducted.

In general, however, the following should be comepleted during this phase:

A link-building campaign should be put in place for several months
Citations and directory listings should be created
Press releases and other forms of brand awareness should be used
Social media profiles should be utilized if possible to maximize traffic flow

Depending on what the agency finds during the Introduction and Audit Phase, this work will vary. However, it is imperative that it continue unabated for several months (typically 3-4 is ideal) in order to see best results.

Reporting and Conclusion Phase – Final day

The Reporting and Conclusion Phase is the final report you receive after all work as been completed. The final report will mimic the initial baseline report you received, but will hold comparisons to show you what the differences in your rankings, traffic, leads and sales were over the period of the SEO campaign. It will be readily apparent whether your campaign was a success from these numbers, and your agency should provide an explanation of what went right and what went wrong to account for the numbers you see in the report.

Once this phase is complete, you will have the option of continuing on with your agency, changing to a new one or discontinuing SEO altogether. However, a professional agency that knows what they are doing and which is a good fit for your specific needs should only impress you with the results they generate.

The report should also be very close to the initial estimates they made during the Analytics Phase where they made their projections based on the work they intended to conduct. In the end, an SEO agency that conforms to their projections is a better choice than one that misses their projections by a huge margin. Even if the margin is positive, it means there were factors the agency did not account for when they conducted their research. Such a trend could reverse if you continue work with them.

This brief overview should be mirrored when you interact with any SEO firm. At the end of the day, SEO is a service and should be rendered with minimal risk and maximum potential to you.

If these insights have helped you with making a decision, feel free to get in contact with us and we can put them into action!

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